How To Treat Yellow Algae In Swimming Pools?

Imagine diving in a pool full of algae. How will you feel? Yellow algae, at times is known as Mustard algae. These attach themselves to swimming pool walls. Though it's not easy for this to happen, it can cause frustration in removing them from the pool. They are resistant to chlorine and affect everything they get in contact with them. When in a swimming pool, these algae will appear as yellow sand or strain. When you try to brush the algae, they will show a powdery consistency. When algae attack your swimming pool, it's recommended you tackle it early enough. When you know how to clean a green swimming pool, you will tackle this condition. With the help of you can easily clean your swimming pool.

The following steps will help you to tackle this problem

Remove all objects and toys from the pool except the ones you use for cleaning. Disinfect them using a chlorinated solution. The chlorinated solution should not have any bleaching. Clean the bath suits to get rid of the algae.

Another way to remove the algae is to fill the pool with fresh water up to the brim. Use a manual vacuum to vacuum the floor and walls. Use the vacuum cleaner to break down the algae completely to remove it all.

Test the water pH of your swimming pool

Buy a pool testing kit from any supply store near you. Use the specialized testing strip to sample pool water. Some kits will give you immediate results, while others will not. They need you to send the sample to the manufacturer for analysis. The pH level should be between 7.4 to 7.6. The alkalinity should be 120 to 150 ppm.

Mix one pound of pool shock in a 5-gallon bucket with water. Wear rubber gloves and stir this shock using a stick. Pour the mixture into the pool from the sides, going to the center of the pool. You should add three pounds of the mixture in 10,000 pool water. The process has to be at night for the best results.

Brush pool floor and walls for consecutive days as the shock continues to break the algae. You should disinfect the pool using cleaning and maintenance tools in the pool.

To enjoy a safe stay and use of your swimming pool, you need to maintain high cleaning standards. You should know how to clean a green swimming pool to avoid the outbreak of diseases in the pool.